4 Ways to Avoid Common Winter Plumbing Problems

snow falling in a town square

The crisp bite in the air, the slight morning shivers, the cold hands and feet, and the occasional sniffle all signal the impending arrival of winter. The advent of winter brings many seasonal problems with it, especially when it comes to plumbing.

If you’re a commercial facility owner who’s dreading the change of seasons, don’t worry! Here are some common plumbing problems that occur in winter, and some tips for preventing them.

Clogged drains

Clogged drains are more common in commercial properties than in homes, as there’s a large amount of waste going through the pipes. Also, more people use commercial restrooms, and there’s a higher chance of debris being flushed down the lines, leading to blockages.

One way to deal with this problem is to schedule regular maintenance checks to prevent clogged drains, especially in commercial bathrooms. Another useful technique is to put up signs that inform people using the bathrooms about what to throw in the waste bin and what they can flush down the toilet.

pipe leaking water on the ground

Water leakages

If there’s an excess amount of water in your pipes, it could freeze during winter and increase the water pressure within the lines. When the snow melts, this increased pressure can result in leaking pipes. An excellent way to prevent this problem in your commercial properties is to shut the inside water valve, so water doesn’t flow in your external pipes.

Pipes can also get damaged if trees are growing above them, causing roots to invade the lines searching for moisture. A cracked pipe will leak a lot of water, and needs to be immediately repaired or replaced.

Blocked pipes

Homeowners often throw waste in the sink. These particles of food, especially greasy items, can cause a clog.

A solution to this problem is to put an effective garbage disposal system into place that will allow people to dispose of their waste correctly.

For commercial kitchens, it’s vital to ensure that there are plenty of trash cans and that they’re emptied regularly.

A damaged hot water system

Commercial water heaters are more extensive and more complex, and if they get damaged, this could cause issues in the commercial building.

During winter, water heaters need to work faster to heat a vast amount of water for the entire property, which can cause damage. Before winter arrives, it’s best to get the system maintained to prevent failure.

These preventative measures require taking proactive steps, time, and effort. If they are not done in time, there could be significant plumbing problems that require a commercial plumber to fix.

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