How To Deal With Tree Roots In Your Commercial Sewer Line

rusted leaking pipe

The most common reason for sewer lines getting repeatedly clogged or blocked is tree roots in the drains. The trees that grow above sewer lines can sense moisture if there’s a leak in the pipe; their roots then invade the sewer line in search of water and nutrients.

In Texas, the soil around the trees keeps shifting, and this continuous change can lead to sewer lines breaking due to variations in external pressure. Pressure from 5 to 10 feet of roots can also cause the pipe to break, leading to tree roots getting into the line.

There are several possible ways to remove tree roots from commercial sewer lines; here are a few of them:

Cutting the tree roots

One solution is to use a sewer machine to cut the tree roots. This machine has a special cutting blade that is fed into the line to cut the roots. However, unless you repair the rupture in the pipe, the roots eventually grow back and invade the drains again.

Using salt and chemicals

Rock salt and various chemicals kill the roots; these are readily available in local stores or online. This method can only be used with smaller roots, not larger, stronger ones. But the danger is that these chemicals could erode the pipe and cause further damage.

rusted leaking pipe

Replacing the pipe

The above solutions are temporary. If the roots are so thick and tangled that the machine can’t cut them or rock salt can’t kill them—or if the roots are very well-established in the sewer line—then the only option is to dig the pipe out of the ground, cut the roots, and replace the damaged pipe with a new one.

If your drain keeps getting clogged and your whole property is smelling, your best bet is to let our licensed professionals help you with commercial sewage repairs. While using a sewer machine or chemicals can solve the problem, a better approach is to avail commercial plumbing for line repairs, as it’s more cost-effective and beneficial in the long-term.

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