When To Call Emergency Plumbing Services

Most homeowners find it confusing to identify which plumbing problems qualify for an emergency repair or replacement. It would be pretty evident that it’s an emergency plumbing situation if the water starts flowing out of your tub. But other times, people could have underlying issues in the plumbing system that may not like an emergency, until the problem gets worse.

If emergency plumbing situations aren’t dealt with immediately, they can lead to costly property damage and plumbing repairs and replacements.

This blog will help you identify a plumbing emergency before it’s too late, so read on!

A Pipe Burst

Water pipes are typically located behind the walls of your home or in the basement. When a water bursts, the rush of water could damage your furniture, flooring, and the structural integrity of your property.

It’s easy to panic in a pipe burst situation, but your first plan of action should be to call an emergency plumbing service. Make sure you turn off the main water supply until the professional plumbers arrive. Be advised that attempting to fix a broken or cracked pipe on your own won’t work because of the water pressure, resulting in more significant damages and costs.

An Overflowing Toilet

What do you do when your toilet overflows? Do you feel grossed out and wait for the water in the toilet bowl to go down on its own, or do you try to plunge and get rid of the obstruction that’s causing the overflow? Whatever you do, if it doesn’t involve calling an emergency plumber, you’re not doing it right.

When a toilet overflows, turn off the main toilet valve and notify your plumber immediately. Delaying professional toilet repairs can result in costly water damage.

A Leaking Sewer Pipe

Sewer lines are typically located underground in most Texas homes, so you can’t see the water leaking from pipes. However, there are other ways you can identify a sewer line leakage, for instance:

  • If two or more drains in your home are backing up or stinking.
  • If water backs up from the bathtub drain
  • If the water level in your toilet boil rises when you run sink faucet in your bathroom
  • If the ground above the sewer pipes feels moist or looks moldy

If you see any of these happening, it’s probably due to a leaking sewer line. Immediately call an emergency plumbing service.

In addition to the plumbing problems mentioned above, slab leaks, gas line leaks, and water heater leaks must be treated as plumbing emergencies and remedied accordingly.

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