How to Avail Emergency Plumbing during the Pandemic


The scariest thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is that the disease is invisible to the naked eye. Without any clear signs of an active infection, people are always living in fear of the viral outbreak.

Up until now, medical experts believed that direct physical contact with an infected person was fueling the spread of corona virus. But scientists are now arguing that vapors of the infection can also be aerosolized. In layman terms, sharing the same breathing space with someone can also transfer the virus.

This is worrying homeowners who need to keep their homes functional—and emergency plumbing services are an essential part of it. But letting outsiders enter your house is also risky and we understand that!

This blog will guide you on safe ways of having a plumber over for an emergency call.

Minimize Contact

Normally, we suggest coming in for an inspection and consultation before our plumbing team starts working. Since dire times call for dire measures, we advise our clients to explain the problem in detail over call so that neither party has to stay in direct contact needlessly.

We maintain social distance while working on site, for the safety of our clients and our workers. We prefer communicating remotely with the residents and calling before arrival is the best way to do that.

As an SOP, we call upon arrival and ask the resident to unlock the front door and give directions to the area that needs our service. All payment procedures are carried out online to maintain a safe distance.

Wearing PPE Suits

We care for our staff as much as we care for the safety of your family. If the problem is in an area that’s known or suspected for contamination, our workers will wear personal protective equipment. This includes (but not limited to) masks, gloves, eyewear and shoe covers.

We’re doing our best to answer all calls because we don’t want to keep our clients waiting in distress. But if there is a risk of active infection in a household, we request for transparency from the resident. This will only help control a community transmission of the virus.

Safety Procedures

Besides maintaining distance and wearing protection, we also follow other safety procedures to make sure we leave the job site clean after we leave.

We sanitize our tools between uses when we’re attending more than one call in a day. We also keep sufficient protective gear on us to change after leaving one house and entering another. We strictly avoid tool swaps so that contamination is not spread from place to place.

Most of all, we give time off to employees who have reported any signs of illness, in the best interest of their health and your safety.

We can vouch for our hygiene standards when it comes to emergency plumbing services. Call us at 1-817-244-0614 if you need an emergency plumber in Bedford, TX.