How to Maintain Essential Business Plumbing during the Coronavirus Outbreak

commercial pipes

Pipe leakage or a boiler issue won’t wait for a pandemic to end before it starts affecting your business. If you own a restaurant or an industrial facility or are a service provider, you know how damaging a major plumbing issue can be for your business.

You can protect your facility from unexpected plumbing woes by monitoring the system and looking out for any developing issues.

Pro Serve Plumbing has put together a list of simple tips that you can follow to ensure that your essential business plumbing works properly during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Check for leaks

A minute pipe leak can snowball to become a huge plumbing disaster. Hence, it’s better to look out for all signs of leaks. It’s also a good idea to check your plumbing plan for any pipes that you may be missing and do a thorough inspection of the entire system.

Some indications of leaks include but are not limited to small pools of water on the floor, damp walls and ceilings, loose faucets, and water stains on pipes.

Check for corrosion

Corrosion on your pipes, faucets, and pipe fittings can lead to leaks and more serious plumbing issues. Check your plumbing system thoroughly for any signs of yellow or orange stains.

If you notice any indications of rusting, reach out to us in Fort Worth for a safe and prompt pipe or faucet replacement.

Test your faucets and drains

running tap

Dripping faucets can lead to hundreds of gallons of water wastage every week. Make sure that all the faucets in your facility are working properly by turning them on and checking their handles and connections for any signs of leaks.

If the drains at your facility smell bad or make unusual sounds, there may be a problem with your drainage system. Make sure to get them checked for a prompt recovery.

Check all toilets

Some common plumbing issues that you may experience with your toilet include clogs, a faulty flushing mechanism, and broken handles.

Make sure that you check for all these issues, and if you spot a problem, we’re always here to help you out.

Check the water pressure

Fluctuating water pressure can be a great inconvenience. To avoid any major issues, check your water pressure by turning on your faucet.

If the water pressure is low, there may be a leak somewhere. If the leak isn’t visible, check your water bills for any recent spikes. If you spot one, there may be a silent leak lurking in your plumbing system that we’re sure to detect and fix.

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