Follow These Bathroom Cleanliness Guidelines to be Extra Careful during the Coronavirus Outbreak

washing hands

As scary as the novel coronavirus may seem, beating it is not an impossible feat. At a time when doctors are battling on the frontlines to save lives, it’s our duty as businesses to take up arms against the virus as well.

But safety begins at home. Brush up on your regular bathroom cleaning routine to enhance the hygiene standard in your home. This blog will discuss some basic cleanliness guidelines for being extra careful during the coronavirus outbreak.

Follow the Steps

The sequence of steps is crucial in making the cleaning process safe and efficient. Start by washing your hands as you prepare to take up the mop. Next, choose the best quality bathroom cleaners or disinfectants that you can get your hands on (remember not to fight other buyers over the last bottle; sharing is our best chance at survival). You can find a list of disinfectants that are prescribed by the US Environmental Protection Agency to kill viruses as strong as the coronavirus.

Move on to cleaning surfaces that come in contact with your skin most often. These include the bathroom sink, slab, bathroom cabinets, door knobs, shower curtains, shower knobs, and switchboards. The idea is to disinfect every surface that you touch most often.

Don’t spare the tooth brushes, hair brushes, makeup containers, trimmers, hair styling tools or other appliances. Don’t forget to practice safety precautions when handling electronics. The Journal of Applied Microbiology published a study that claimed that infectious vapors can travel up to 6 feet. This is a warning for all those who leave the toilet seat up when they flush!

Keep Calm and Follow Instructions

The greatest war tactics in the past have been founded on this idea: don’t panic! Cleaning your bathroom is easier when you follow the instructions on the label of each cleaner. Some solutions might need to be left on for a couple of minutes while others can instantly be wiped off. Waiting can be a game-changer and patience is a virtue. You’ll realize the worth of it when you make every corner of your bathroom sparkle!

Separate Bathrooms for the Sick

Usually, we’re told not to make a fuss about minor flu or cough. But at unusual times such as now, it’s better to notice any and all symptoms that could possibly mean something bigger. Don’t let any sneeze or cough go unnoticed. If you or anyone in your family is showing signs of sickness, separate your bathrooms immediately. It’s not safe for them or others to keep sharing the same toilet or shower.


If you don’t have sufficient bathrooms in the house to use a separate one when sick, clean religiously after every use. For all those who are not sick and sharing a bathroom with a sick person, wear protective gear (facemask, gloves, etc.) before entering the bathroom and clean before and after each use. Wash or trash the safety gear when used once.

Apart from these cleaning hacks, you might need immediate plumbing repairs if your drains get clogged or toilets stop flushing. We’re available round the clock for 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Fort Worth, TX. Call us at 1-817-244-0614 if you need help.