4 Things That Are Ruining Your Home’s Plumbing

4 Things That Are Ruining Your Home’s Plumbing

Who doesn’t want to save money? We all love to hold on to our hard-earned money, and for a good reason. You can actually save up a lot by using your plumbing properly and taking good care of it.

By avoiding the typical leak and clog, you shed off a lot on your bill. Here are a few common things that people unwittingly cause damage to your plumbing:

Liquid Drain Cleaners

So you’ve got a clogged drain, and you pull out the trusty liquid drain cleaner to rinse and push down the filth and gunk you’ve got stuck up the line. Hold on there. Drain cleaners do get the job done, but they do more harm than good.

Drain cleaners contain chemicals that can generate heat down the pipes and damage the already corroded water lines. If you’re so inclined to use them, take a look at the label before you sink the bottle as well as hundreds of dollars trying to fix up the mess it makes.


You read that right. You fixed up a small issue once and suddenly think of yourself as Mario himself. Look, it’s excellent to DIY once in a while, but it’s a profession and not a general hobby for a reason. Plumbing requires years of experience like any other field.

So the next time there’s a problem, and you think it could go sideways if you make a wrong move, recall Murphy’s Law and call in a plumber to take over the lead instead.

Foreign Objects

The toilet is not a garbage can. But our experience over the years operating on toilets for different people tells us otherwise. Dispose of diapers, toys or any other item for that matter in a dustbin.

The few precious moments you might be trying to save come with a big plumber’s bill attached to it. Please take a few steps extra and dump it in the trash.


So you just fried yourself up some good oily food and had a great meal. You glance at the kitchen slab and notice the residue grease still in the pot. You’re tempted to throw it all down the drain but don’t.

The grease you pour down does two things: the heat from it destroys your pipes, causing them to burst. Or it can solidify into fatbergs, causing a significant clog that can induce flow back into your sink. Yeah, let that sink in.

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