4 Signs Your Home Needs Water Filtration

The average American consumes around 80 to 100 gallons of water per day. It’s a priceless resource that cannot be replaced. But before consumption, water has to be carefully treated to remove harmful bacteria and impurities. Pollutants from the environment find their way into the atmosphere, which needs to be extracted before human beings consume.

This extraction process is generally handled in municipalities in different regions, but a professional water filtration service might be required despite their efforts. Here are some signs you should get a water filtration system installed.


Bad Water Taste

The taste of the water coming in through a well or the municipal supply tasting bad indicates that you require filtration. Most municipalities have fairly decent filtration for residents, but despite that, water can taste strange in some households.

It can have either a metallic, salty, or oily taste, which are all signs of different kinds of impurities mixed in the water which need to be filtered out before further consumption.

Bad Odor

Another sign that you desperately need a water filtration system is if there’s an odor in the water. Water is supposed to be odorless, and a stench around it is because of any impurities in it. Commonly, the smell of rotten eggs can be felt, which is because of Hydrogen Sulfide. The chemical is bad for health, and filtration should be installed right away to deal with this issue.

Water Staining

After washing your clothes with water, is it leaving some stain on them? The water may have small dust particles in it, which means that there could be a crack in the water line letting in the sand incorporated in the water you’re using. A filtration system will be able to clear it out for you.


Lead-Based Pipes

If your house was built before 1986, there’s a fair chance that the pipes installed are lead-based. Lead was outlawed in ‘86 to be used in water lines and is harmful to humans. It is a toxin that’s dangerous for consumption, but it can be filtered out relatively comfortably from the water with a filtration system.


If any of the above issues are prevalent in your house or commercial building and you’re in Fort Worth, TX, Pro Serve Plumbing can work on installing water filtration systems right away. Our services include gas pipe pressure testing as well as slab leak repair and detection. Reach out to us today.