4 Potential Causes For Your High Water Bills

4 Potential Causes For Your High Water Bills

Worried about your water bill coming in higher than average? Don’t remember using a lot of it, yet your bill begs to differ. There’s a great chance that you might have a leak around the house that needs attending to. Add the average 575 liters consumed, it adds up a lot on your bill.

This would be an appropriate time to call in an expert plumber to take a look at things. If your bill is surging but your usage isn’t, it may be a case of the following problems:

Leaking Toilets

A leaky toilet can cost you up a lot of water without you even knowing because toilets have to fill up the tank as soon as it empties. Due to leaks, it never really fills up, so there’s a constant water loss because of this.

Using the infamous dye trick, you can find out if there’s a leak in your toilet. All you have to do is drop some colored dye in your toilet’s tank. After 15–20 minutes, it will appear in your toilet if there is a leak. Time to get it repaired then.

Leaky Faucets

How much could a leaking faucet cost you in the long run?—around 17 gallons per day, if it leaks a drop of water every second. That should be enough statistics to get you to rush to the nearest faucet and turn it right off.

Is it still leaking? Consider calling in a plumber and getting the fixture repaired or replaced. Usually, it’s the rubber washer that needs to be replaced with a new one.

Lateral Line Leaks

The pipe from your metered connection heading to your home may also have some cracks in it. It could be from anything such as seismic activity in the region, soil shifts and others. But the damage to your lateral line will immediately show up on your water bill.

If you suspect this is the case, call a professional plumber right away to take care of the matter.

Outdated Fixtures & Toilets

Please don’t hold on to those faucets, faucets and pipes like they’re antique. The new and updated aerators, washers, pipes and other technology used nowadays are much more resilient and geared toward optimal performance while saving you up on your bills.

Consider getting new installations. The money you spend on these installations is a lot less than what you could end up paying for your bills.

The Remedy

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