Mistakes To Avoid When There’s a Gas Leak

Appliances that use gas to function

A gas leak is not lethal, but it is best to move quickly when detected. Even if you detect a gas leak in your house, there are several ways to ensure that it is handled safely and no accidents are caused.

These are steps to take when you notice a gas leak:

1. Think Very Carefully About Your Next Move

When there’s a gas build-up, many things can set it off, so it’s important to analyze your next step. Do not flip a switch on or off, as that may cause a spark which the gas could catch on to.

Do not smoke inside the house, as the flame from the lighter or the cigarette could spread out. Generally, avoid using electronics, especially phones, as they may also cause a spark.

The best step is to contact a professional to come and detect the location of the leak and then perform a gas leak repair.

Light switched

2. Do Not Use a Flame to Find the Leak

Some people make the mistake of using a flame to detect a leak. By going around the house with a lighter or a similar device, they intend to find the leak so that they can find a way to close it.

But of course the flame will instantly ignite the gas and cause an explosion. This is why it’s better to leave the gas line repair to professionals as they have the right tools to detect it.

3. Do Not Enter the House If You Can Smell Odor From Outside

If you notice that your house has a bad odor while you’re outside, it isn’t wise to step in as you may end up letting the gas spread even further, or you could set off an electronic device e.g. an electric lock that can cause a spark.

The best thing to do in such a situation is to stay outside, and contact a gas leak repair service.

4. Don’t Stay In The House

Leave the house as quickly as possible and make sure everyone else has left as well. As long as the leak is still active and the hazardous gas is still in the atmosphere, everyone is at risk.

Once everyone is outside the house and outside the vicinity of the gas, call the relevant authorities to handle the situation and perform a gas leak repair.

Emergency services handling sensitive situations

5. Not Reporting It to Anyone

It’s pertinent to get professionals involved so that they can come in and handle the situation. The sooner it is reported the better.

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