A burning gas stove

Homes have several appliances that use a gas supply to function, and one of the risks that come with it is gas leaks. It’s scary to think that a gas leak could occur somewhere in your house while you and your family are sleeping. There isn’t an easy way to detect it and a small spark can set it off.

Let’s talk about some ways you can prevent gas leaks:

1. Inspect Gas Consuming Appliances

From cooking stoves and grills to water heaters and fireplaces, a lot of appliances around the house use gas. The easiest way to detect a leak is the smell. There are also certain types of gases that leave you dizzy or with a headache.

Check the appliances and their knobs/buttons for signs of wear and tear. If it seems like the appliance is in good shape but the smell still persists, you will need to get a gas leak repair.

In the meantime, a good option is to leave the windows open so that the gas isn’t concentrated in one place. Another precaution is to not turn switches on and off so that a spark doesn’t ignite the gas.

A gas heater

2. Change Gas Line Fittings

Depending on how long ago you got the gas lines set up, they may have aged a lot, leading to leakage. Some of the issues with the gas lines can be corrosion, rust, etc.

In this case you should opt for a gas line repair or replacement. Have a professional take a look at it to confirm where the leak is coming from, and then have the fittings changed to protect yourself and your family.

3. Check the Shutoff Valve

It’s possible that the valve has corroded or developed faults, due to which it may not be shutting off properly. So even after you’re done using an appliance and you shutoff the valve, the gas leakage may still be present.

When you’re getting your gas line repaired next time, have the valve looked at as well. It doesn’t cost much to replace, and provides and extra layer of safety.

An old, rusted valve

4. Have a Professional Visit Your House

The best way to be safe in this kind of situation is to have a professional visit your house and look over the entire setup. There may be something you’ve missed that the professional can catch.

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