4 Reasons Why Ignoring Plumbing Repairs Can Cost You Huge Sums of Money

Water leaking from a tap that is not closing properly

Most homeowners delay getting plumbing repairs in the US since they don’t realize the severity of the situation or don’t have the time. Plumbing repairs are already expensive. If you end up waiting too long to call in a plumber to fix any plumbing issues, chances are you’ll end up with a higher bill than expected.

Here are four reasons why ignoring plumbing repairs can cost you huge sums of money:

1. Plumbing Issues Can Lead to High Water Bills

It has been found that in the US, a leaking faucet can waste approximately 900 billion gallons of water annually. If you don’t pay attention to a leak in your walls or plumbing, you can end up with a hefty water bill that you’ll have no choice to pay. To avoid this, get your sinks, basins regularly, and other plumbing facilities checked by a professional.

2. Water Damage Can be Costly

Many homeowners don’t realize that when you ignore plumbing issues, you are letting your house get water damaged. Experts estimate that annually, the average cost of water damage and its removal is $13billion. Over time, water can harm your household’s concrete, plaster, hardwood floors, and furniture, which are costly to repair. Depending on the type of water damage, which can be as small as category one or as detrimental as category three, you may end up with cumbersome house repair bills.

The long-term impact of water on furniture and walls

3. Can lead to High Health Costs

Water damage inevitably leads to mold and mildew. The biggest issue with mold is that if it exists in your home for a long time, it’s likely to damage your health.

Along with the cost of hospital bills, the removal of mold can add to your already existing costs as its removal requires specialized equipment and techniques. Moreover, mold also causes structural damage, making your home weaker over time. This damage can lead to more significant house maintenance costs and potentially increase your bill.

Additionally, experts say that long-term exposure to exposed sewage leads to numerous diseases, leading to outstanding hospital bills.

4. Damage caused by Tree Roots can be costly

Frequent blocked or clogged plumbing is a significant sign that tree roots may overtake your plumbing. As it is cheaper and easier to remove a tree root, ignoring signs of damage can lead to a significant loss of money as pipe replacement is costly. To avoid this, make sure to regularly get your plumbing checked and serviced by a licensed professional.

How to Avoid Losing a Large Sum of Money on Plumbing Repairs

Here are some ways to avoid losing a large amount of money on plumbing repairs:

Get your plumbing regularly checked and maintained

Getting your plumbing checked and maintained regularly can help prevent any damage to your property. If there is a minor plumbing emergency, make sure to contact your local plumbing service immediately.

Get your water Heating System Tested

Your water heating system may be causing problems, and you don’t even realize it. Therefore, always make sure to get it tested by a professional regularly. Also, make sure to drain flush your water heater to prevent any water from accumulating at the bottom.

Habitually Check your Water Valve

Making it a habit to check your water valve and the pipes around your house will avoid unnecessarily high water bills. You’ll immediately know if there is a sudden change in your water consumption.

Need to Contact an Expert?

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