5 Ways to Enhance Water Heater Efficiency

Water being checked for the right temperature to ensure it’s at its optimum efficiency

A water heater makes your life comfortable and convenient, making it incredibly necessary to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively.  If you’re constantly finding that the water in your home is not as hot as it should be, it’s likely that it is not working to its optimum potential.

Here are five ways to enhance your water heater efficiency:

1. Make Sure To Clean Out Your Water Heater Tank Regularly

If you don’t regularly clean out your water heater tank, sediment can settle at the bottom, which may prevent your water heater tank from receiving heat from the machine’s burner. For this reason, the water in the tank will not be as hot as it should be, and your water heater will slow down, preventing it from working at its full capacity. Therefore, make sure to drain out the bottom of your water heater regularly or get it checked by a licensed professional if you don’t have the time, so it is working as well as it should.

2. Use the Right-sized Water Heater Tank

Contrary to popular belief, a smaller water heater is not as efficient for a household with more people, mainly because your water heater is working overtime and without any breaks. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the water heater you have is the right type and size for your household. Also, having a volt timer in your water heater tank prevents excess wastage of hot water. Make sure to have a professional come and assess your water heater to ensure it’s the right one for you.

A water heater that is working efficiently and effectively3. Use a Heat Insulating Blanket to Cover Your Water Heater

It is common for water heaters to lose heat when used. To prevent this from happening, you should wrap it in a heat-insulating blanket to increase heat retention. However, make sure to know what time of water heater you have since gas water heaters require you to have knowledge and experience with gas pipes. Therefore, it is crucial to get a licensed professional to adjust the pipes accordingly

4. Lower Your Thermostat

If it is a regular occurrence for your water to get too hot during the summer, the temperature is likely too high. According to experts, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for most uses. If it is any higher than that, it is considered dangerous, especially if you have younger children in your home. If you do so, your water heater will also be highly efficient in the long term.

5. Get Your Water Heater Checked Regularly

To ensure that your water heater is at its maximum efficiency, you should make sure to get it annually checked by a professional. By doing so, you will prevent any high costs that may incur because of water damage. Getting required maintenance will also make sure that your water heater is working at full capacity.

Having Issues with Your Water Heater?

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