Here’s Why Your Drains Clog Up During the Holidays

For most Americans, the winter holidays are as busy as they are festive. With the barrage of guests coming over to your house and the mounds of food you’ll be preparing for them, your plumbing and sewer systems can suffer big time.

The funny and important thing is, clogged drains are avoidable if you’re careful and vigilant. Failing to detect a clogged drain in time will likely cause your entire household plumbing system to start malfunctioning. Raw sewage may back up through toilets, sinks, and tubs. No one wants a one-way ticket to a holiday disaster.

With that in mind, here’s why your drains tend to clog up during the holiday season and what you can do to avoid it.

Food Waste Goes in the Garbage, Not the Garbage Disposal

Professional plumbers strongly advise against dumping food debris or table scraps in the garbage disposal. They are best disposed of in the trash directly. This is because they can get stuck in the garbage disposal blades and immobilize them. They can also end up clogging your drains.

Be sure to avoid dumping leftover pasta, potato peels, corn husks, eggshells, bread, rice, bones, coffee grinds, fruit pits and other fibrous fruits and vegetables down the garbage disposal. It isn’t designed for this purpose.

Oil and Drains Don’t Go Together

Unlike oil and water, cooking and holiday season are inseparable. Unfortunately, all the frying, roasting, and baking will result in excess oil, fats, and grease that you will need to dispose of. What you don’t want to do is dispose of the oil down your drains. This is because it can congeal and eventually clog up your drain and end up ruining the holiday mood.

Rather, place the oil or grease in a garbage bag or sealed container before getting rid of it in the trash. Get in touch with your municipality to check if they provide a collection service for used cooking oils.

Flush Nothing But Toilet Paper

Many people consider toilet flushes a convenient way to dispose of waste instantly.

They would be gravely mistaken.

Flushing down sanitary products, cotton balls, wet wipes, dental floss, Q-tips, paper towels, cat litter, or even hair will end up blocking up your drainage system. Don’t be fooled by products labeled as ‘flushable’. They are just as likely to cause your drain to clog up.

Over the holidays, make sure that you inform your guests to avoid flushing down anything but toilet paper. Place wastebaskets in each bathroom to allow them to easily dispose of their trash.

If despite all your precautions and preventative measures during the holiday season, you find that your drains have clogged or your garbage disposal needs repair, you should get in touch with us.

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