The Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

The Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Commercial plumbing systems more complex than their residential counterparts and are put under immense pressure each day. Such issues are exacerbated when you take into account the cost of lost business. In the day and age of social media, one embarrassing Facebook post or Tweet by a customer is all it takes to ruin a company’s image.

To prevent such incidents from taking place, in this blog, we’ll list the most common commercial plumbing issues and the steps you can take to avoid them.

Drain Clogs

Drain clogs and sluggish drains can prove to be incredibly frustrating for businesses, even more so than residential properties. That’s because people tend to treat commercial plumbing with little care. Employees and customers often dump sanitary wipes, paper towels, and other sorts of trash that gets stuck inside the pipes and form clogs.

Clogs also result in reduced pressure and cast a bad image on the company. If the issue of clogged drains keeps coming up, it may be a sign of more serious underlying issues such as problems with the septic system, pump failure, invasive roots, and even pipe collapse.

Water Temperature Issues

For some businesses, a steady supply of hot water is critical to their daily operations. Examples include healthcare facilities and restaurants that rely on hot water to provide adequate services while adhering to health board regulations and licensing requirements. Due to constant use, there’s a lot of pressure on water heaters which makes them more prone to break downs. Other issues include not receiving water that’s hot enough to meet regulations or receiving an infrequent supply.

One way of dealing with this issue is to insulate your water heater to reduce heat loss or to replace the thermostat or existing units. Depending on the usage, adding more units or switching to tankless water heaters can also be a viable option.

Hidden Leaks

Visible plumbing problems like a leaky faucet can easily be repaired. However, hidden leaks have to potential to cause massive financial damages to any business. The first sign is usually an unexplained spike in water bills.

If you suspect a hidden leak, contact licensed plumbers for inspection services. Silent and hidden leaks are dangerous because they can lead to structural damages and also create health hazards in the form of mold or mildew.

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