Water intrusion underneath concrete slabs tends to seep into walls and floors and gradually causes the main pipelines to corrode or explode. Some leaks are small and visible, while others that are obscured by the structure of your house can lead to the weakening of the foundation of your property over time.

When such leaks involve main water pipelines, it can also cause mold, water inflow and drainage system discrepancies, and other serious health hazards. Slab leaks often require expert technicians and complex detection equipment to reach the exact location.

Understanding how slab water leaks occur is better than a needless hit and miss exertion task that requires digging into your floor until you find the treasure, albeit the leak!

After learning ways to spot warning signs of a slab leak, you can take proactive actions and contact the right people to fix it.

Noticing A Sudden Surge in Your Water Usage and Bills?

Concrete slab leak allows water to run continuously, instead of only when someone is actually using it in your house. As the leak grows larger, so will the water bill.

Noticing A Raised Dome or Warped Flooring?

Tiles and hardwood floors can absorb moisture from leaks beneath them, resulting in buckling or crackling. The damage will depend on the type of flooring you have installed and how long ago the seepage began. Either way, the repairs and replacements of your flooring can be costly.

Noticing Dampness in Your Carpet?

If no one has spilled anything on your carpet, and it still looks damp, check if it’s wet. When moisture seeps into the carpets through leakages, it can encourage the growth of mold and mildew. It can also make the house stink and damage the carpets, furniture, and curtains—these are all tell-tale signs that there’s an invisible leakage somewhere.

Noticing A Sudden Change in Water Flow?

Paying more bills and facing a decrease in water pressure is your cue to call a professional plumbing service! If the pipeline underneath is leaking, the water is being wasted rather than running smoothly when you turn on the faucets.

When left unchecked, slab leaks can have a substantially detrimental effect on your wallet, as such mishaps can cost you thousands of dollars if they go unnoticed. Trust our expert technicians at Pro Serve Plumbers for a free inspection in Bedford, Texas.

We specialize in replacing aging drainage systems with no cosmetic damage incurred to your house. Fully-licensed and dedicated to providing remarkable services to our customers, we’ll help you fix clogged sinks and sewer lines. Get your slab leaks repaired by contacting us at 817-244-0614 for a free estimate.