How Ignoring Plumbing Issues Can Cost You

Plumbing issues can strike at any time, especially if you’re not careful about your plumbing system. Homeowners often ignore minor plumbing issues until the damage can’t be ignored—which isn’t the ideal solution. You only spend more money on expensive, time-consuming, and invasive repairs the longer you wait.

Even if you have a good reason for postponing plumbing repairs, there’s no denying that putting off plumbing repairs only leads to higher repair bills and other types of damage.

Water Wastage

Leaking faucets and pipes might not seem like an important issue, but they significantly affect your water bills. Homeowners could considerably reduce their water bills if they had leaks fixed—in addition to reducing water waste. Every year, nearly a trillion gallons are wasted in easy-to-fix leaks.

Mold And Mildew Growth

Plumbing repairs also pose risks to your family’s health. Minor pipe leaks, over the weeks, give rise to mold and mildew, which has serious health implications. Wherever there’s dampness, mold is bound to develop. Mold causes symptoms like skin irritation, eye irritation, nasal congestion, a runny nose, and even wheezing. It can be particularly dangerous for individuals with a suppressed immune system.

The dampness can rot wood and weaken your home’s structure. Dampness in the drywall is especially dangerous for double story houses, putting inhabitants at risk. Pipe leaks can affect the ceiling as well, causing water to drip into your house. So, it’s only prudent to get these leaks plugged before you have a plumbing emergency on your hands.

Major Plumbing Repairs

When ignored, minor plumbing repairs become major ones. That leaking pipe or faucet you’ve ignored for months will likely lead to a broken pipe, or worse, cause it to burst. This not only requires the help of professionals but also leads to massive water damage. You end up paying a lot more for replacing the pipe and have to invest in mold treatment.

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