The Types of Damage A Slab Leak Can Cause

The Types of Damage A Slab Leak Can Cause

As they occur out of sight, slab leaks are difficult to detect, but not impossible to. For several reasons such as abrasion or wear and tear with time, the pipes below the slabs can break down and burst, letting precious water out that can flood up the place and cause damage to the floor above.

As these leaks take place beneath the floor, they can do some serious harm if they aren’t dealt with soon. Here’s what a slab leak is capable of doing to your home:

Flooring Damage

If allowed to continue for too long, slab leaks can reach up to the surface of the floor. At first, the surface becomes constantly wet, which eventually starts to breed various microbes, as well as causing the requisite water damage.

You might end up having cracked tiles, waterlogged carpets if you’re not careful.

Foundation Damage

Even if the foundation of your home is made of steel, it can get seriously damaged due to a slab leak due to the water pressure weakening the base, causing cracks in between, which eventually makes the whole structure collapse.

The case is worse for older homes, as those are established on concrete slabs that are prone to more damage and require extra care.

Yard Damage

If you notice the grass in your yard being wet at random times, or an irregular growth in between parts, you may have a slab leak on your hands. This seems harmless, but it can cause structural damage if it flows to parts like floors or even an outdoor pool.


One of the worst things that moisture brings along with it is mold. As water grows stagnant, there’s a chance that mold will grow in it. It gives off a black-greenish appearance and grows in damp spots, often between tiles. But if it’s damp and moist, mold will find its way there.

It carries an unpleasant smell that you’d want to rid yourself of. Some people also have allergic reactions to it, so you’re better off dealing with it right away.


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