Rusty faucet that will need to be replaced by a plumber.

Is there a foul smell coming from your kitchen sink? You could have a clogged drain.

Clogged drains are a common household problem. Food particles and debris clog up kitchen sinks, and hair blocks shower drains.

When the drain is clogged, the drainage problems lead to bacteria buildup in the kitchen and bathroom, that leaves a horrible lingering smell.

Once your drain is clogged, only professionals with special equipment or chemical drain cleaners can unclog them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons drains get blocked:

Accumulation Of Foreign Substances In The Drain

So you thought it was alright for you to put dental floss and face wipes down the drain? It isn’t!

Drains aren’t massive spaces; they’re complex structures made of pipes with limited space. They can’t carry away face wipes, hair, and dental floss. None of these materials break down easily, meaning if they get stuck, they just stay there until they’re manually removed.

Everything from hair to fat deposits from a pile of dirty dishes can clog your drains.

Overflowing Gutters And Drains

Areas that experience flash floods and torrential rains often struggle with overflowing gutters that can’t handle the large amounts of water. To make matters worse, the drainage system gets blocked with debris, including leaves, soil, mold, etc. making it difficult for water to drain away.

Vents and storm pipes don’t function well with excess water and clogging from debris, so you should get your drains cleaned regularly to prevent clogs during bad weather.

Damaged Or Broken Pipes

Damaged pipe that will need to be replaced.

Pipes don’t last forever. There are houses in the USA that date back to the 17th Century—these houses aren’t going to have the best plumbing.

Pipes are exposed to serious wear and tear and are bound to erode with time. Pipework in old houses can crumble and cause serious leaks and blockages. If you’re purchasing an old house, get it inspected to ensure it has adequate pipework that won’t give you too much trouble.

Poorly Installed Pipework

It isn’t uncommon for builders to cut corners when constructing houses. Many houses made in the 2000s in the USA were rushed due to the huge demand, but poor construction has long-term consequences for those who live in them.

Poorly installed pipework will need to be fixed by professional plumbers.

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