How Often Should You Get Your Drain Cleaned

Plumber cleaning bathroom sink drain.

It’s easy to overlook your drains until it’s obvious that the water isn’t draining as fast it should.

We may like to believe that everything that goes down the drain disappears in a black hole, it really doesn’t. Our drains are complex structures with limited space. They are easily clogged with hair, food particles, soap, and anything else you’re letting down there.

If your drain isn’t cleaned regularly, you can expect it to clog up every few months, in which case you’ll need to call a professional to take care of it.

Cleaning your drain regularly can save you from severe plumbing troubles.

Signs Your Drain is Clogged

Slow Drainage

You won’t just wake up one morning and realize that your drain is completely clogged. Drain clogs are a slow process; they develop over time.

If you notice that the water in your sink or tub isn’t draining as quickly as it used to, you’ve already got a problem; ignoring it now will only make it worse a few days later.

The first sign of a clogged drain is slow drainage from the buildup of physical objects in the pipes.

Bad Odor

Smelly drains are most commonly found in the kitchen. These drains get clogged with food waste, which rots the pipes and needs professional cleaning.

If you’ve noticed a bad odor from other drains around the house, call professional plumbers immediately to get them checked.

How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned?

Clean shower drain

You’ll find different answers to this question, but generally, you should be cleaning your drains at least once every month.

You can pour chemical drain cleaners down your kitchen sink; however, limit drain cleaner use because they’re made of harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes.

The shower drain is more likely to get clogged than any other drain in the house. Shower drains get clogged with loose hair, and if you don’t like the idea of pulling out the hair from the drain, call professional plumbers to do it for you.

Calling a plumber to clean clogged drains once every two months can save you a lot of trouble.

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