3 Ways Emergency Plumbing Problems Can Affect Your Monthly Bills


Many homeowners ignore minor plumbing problems and put off plumbing repairs unless they face bigger issues. Seemingly insignificant plumbing problems, such as minor leakages, can turn into major plumbing emergencies when you least expect it.

Not only do plumbing problems damage your property, health, valuables, but they also contribute to the problem of water scarcity on a national level.

According to a report revealed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water leakages from households in the United States result in almost ten thousand gallons of water wastage. These numbers are alarming, because this may lead to a water shortage problem in up to 40 out of 50 states in the US, as revealed in a 2014 Government Accountability Report.

These statistics provide evidence for the importance of timely plumbing repairs. Here are more ways how emergency plumbing problems can add to your costs and why repairs must never be delayed.

Increase in Monthly Water Bills

running tap

Plumbing problems such as pipe bursts, water line cracks, running toilets, leaking faucets and others may lead to high amounts of water wastage. Even when you’re not using the particular fixture, it keeps consuming water, resulting in an increase in water bills every month. Whether it’s a minor rupture or a major breakage, damage anywhere in your water plumbing system means you’re all set to flush your money down the drain. The EPA has found that an average US household could save almost $130 every year just by installing efficient toilets in their homes! If you want to cut down your water bills, you need to be more vigilant of the plumbing issues in your home.

Minor Plumbing Leaks Can Lead to Severe Property Damage

damaged wall

You may think that a minor water spill here and there won’t hurt, but it does. Leakages in your main water line—which is typically located behind the walls—can lead to excessive humidity inside the walls. This deteriorates the strength of your walls and leads to mold growth. Leakages in other plumbing fixtures—for instance, faucets, sinks, toilets—and appliances—such as, water heaters—can cause severe damage to structural integrity of your property.

Furthermore, damages in the sewer plumbing system can wreak havoc on your crawl space, foundation of your home, and basement. Of course, sooner or later you’ll have to get the damage repaired and bear higher expenses.

Why not hire a plumbing repair service now—at much affordable rates?

Results in Health Issues

Plumbing problems can have a large impact on the health of your family. Leaving them unaddressed might eventually lead to the production of mold and according to multiple research studies, exposure to mold spores for longer time periods can lead to health conditions like asthma and allergies, particularly in infants, children, and people who struggle with immune deficiency, respiratory issues, or underlying lung problems.

Another reason is that pools of stagnant water are terribly unhygienic. They are the breeding grounds for different bacteria, germs, and insects.

Deteriorating health of your family members is can be frustrating for any one. So, this won’t just cost you the medical bills, but also your peace of mind.

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