Why Slab Leak Occur and What To Do About It?

Why Slab Leak Occur and What To Do About It?

Have you started noticing a musty odor in your basement?

Think your water bill is higher than usual?

Are you not satisfied with the water pressure in your home?

If the answer is yes, then you might have a slab leak problem.

What’s a slab leak? And what should you do about it? Let’s find out!

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak refers to a leak developed in the copper water lines that run below the foundation of a property.

The most definite sign of a slab leak is moisture-related problems with flooring like wet spots or musty odor. If not addressed in time, a slab leak can cause enormous damage to the structural integrity of a house and drive down its resale value.

Here are the three most common reasons for slab leaks and what to do about them:

Poor quality material or improper installation

Slab with inferior quality pipes is prone to leakage. For instance, copper pipes are softer and susceptible to corrosion and water damage; hence they can result in a slab leak. Furthermore, the installation method must be carried out carefully. Poor handling of pipes can result in bending or add a dent to the pipeline, which makes it more vulnerable to water damage.

Foundation shift due to soil erosion or a natural disaster

Natural disasters like an earthquake can put a significant pressure on pipes. Even simple soil erosion can compromise the structural integrity of the pipelines and result in slab leaks. As pipes are designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure, it can be devastating and result in a slab leak.

Abrasion due to constant friction

Abrasion is one of the most common reasons contributing to slab leaks.  As pipes come in contact with gravel, concrete, or nearby pipes, the friction can deteriorate their condition and, over time, cause leakage.

Hot pipes are more prone to abrasion as the heat cause the pipe to grind against everything around it, which creates more friction and ultimately leads to leakage.

What should you do?

First, it’s important to ensure that pipes laid below the foundation are high-grade quality and installed with great attention and care. But, if you’re experiencing a slab leak, we’re well past that stage. So your best bet is to hire an experienced plumber who can evaluate the problem and perform repairs.

Poor water quality and corrosion are the leading causes of slap leaks, but the underlying reason is not always apparent. A plumber will suggest a range of repairs like epoxy restoration. But, if the pipes have suffered irreparable damage, then you might have to replace your old piping with a new, more durable pipeline system.

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