Have a Garbage Disposal Leak? Here’s How a Professional Emergency Plumbing Service Can Help


Garbage disposal systems are designed to be reliable and long lasting, which is why homeowners often fail to identify any plumbing problems in these systems.

By the time plumbing issues are identified with these appliances, the leakage has already made the cabinets underneath the sink all soggy and moist. This results in a foul odor in the kitchen, damage to the wooden fixtures, and of course, water puddles near the sink. This isn’t just unsightly, but also very unhealthy because you prepare what you eat in your kitchen!

Attempting to fix a garbage disposal on your own can be quite challenging, especially if you haven’t fixed a leak or garbage disposal before. It’s better to let a professional plumber deal with the leakage for several reasons ; here are a few of them.

Accurate Identification of the Source of Leakage

There can be several causes of a leaking garbage disposal and spotting the right source can be very difficult for someone with no experience. For instance, you may think that the sink flange has come loose and that’s the source of the leak; however, the real culprit could be a broken seal that needs to be replaced.

Let’s take another similar situation: you see a water puddle right below the drain pipe and you’re certain that it’s because of the cracked drain pipe. You purchase a new drain pipe and attach it to the drain hose—and to your surprise, it’s still leaking! Here, a professional could tell you that the problem was the grip of the hose that connects to the garbage disposal.

You could have saved that money you invested in purchasing a new drain pipe had you taken advice from a professional plumber!

They Use the Latest Tools and Equipment


A professional plumbing service will have the right tools and state-of-the-art equipment to detect the cause of leak and fix the problem from its rooting. As they have the right tools and are well-versed with the latest techniques, they repairs they make are a lot more durable than DIY repairs. Major plumbing problems like a water pipe burst can cause great damage to your property, furniture, and other valuables in a very short time. You don’t have any time for trials and errors and only a professional plumber—with their advanced equipment and tools—can fix the problem immediately.

They Save Your Time and Money

As soon as a plumbing problem occurs, it begins to cost you—in the form of excess water consumption, damage to property, negative impacts on health, and peace of mind. An emergency plumbing service can save you all the stress. With years of hands on experience, they are able to spot the problem quickly, and fix it immediately. Their work is guaranteed and after hiring an emergency plumbing service you can rest assured that you won’t have to face the same plumbing problem again.

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