Why Should You Get Your Sewer Line Inspected?

It’s not common for first-time homeowners to get the house’s sewer and sewer lines inspected, even though it should be.

Faulty sewers can cause a lot of unnecessary expenses over time; the sewer and sewer line being functional are integral to keeping a house and its surroundings clean. Here’s why you should get your sewer and sewer line inspected.

Old houses could have poorly functioning sewers

If your house is older than twenty years, a sewer inspection is absolutely necessary. These houses might be relatively new, but they are still susceptible to tree roots disturbing the pipes and material buildup over time.

Tree roots reach for nutrients wherever they can find them, and it’s fairly common for them to start growing in sewers. These roots creep in through tiny holes and then expand once they’re inside the sewer line. Over time, tree roots could block the sewer enough for there to be blockages. These blockages could cause backflow, leading to unsanitary spillovers.

Sanitation is especially necessary during the pandemic. The COVID-19 virus has made it immensely important for all of us to exercise hygienic practices, and this includes the incorporation of proper sewer and drain services.

Sewer repairs are expensive

Sewer inspections are affordable, and can be carried out quickly. Regular inspections identify problem areas before breakages become too severe, allowing the sewer line to function properly.

Sewer repairs, on the other hand, are expensive, and are usually not covered by insurance due to the damage being the result of years of regular use. If small holes and breakages remain uninspected and unfilled, they’ll eventually grow large enough to require a complete repair job. Repairs can also result in flooding and the release of toxic gases that have built up in the sewer.

Natural wearing away of the sewer

While the sewers of newer houses should also be inspected, older houses are mostly reliant on sewer systems constructed out of tar paper and clay. These systems are susceptible to natural wear and tear, and erode over time, resulting in collapse. If you’re unsure of the materials used in the construction of your sewer, it’s best if you get it inspected.

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