When Should You Repipe A House?

Amajority of times, plumbers can fix leaky pipes by repairing the specific section that’s damaged, but major leaks indicate that the problem is a lot bigger.

Larger leakage problems will likely require repiping, meaning all the pipes in the house will need to be replaced.

Here’s when repiping the house makes sense:

Your House is Old

No matter how lavish your property is, pipes can’t last forever. If your house is more than 50 years old, you’ll most likely have to replace its piping.

Houses that were built more than 50 years go consist of galvanized pipes that are prone to corrosion and bursting.

Low Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure, there’s a good chance that there’s a buildup of minerals and rust in your pipes. It takes a while for rust and debris to accumulate in your pipes so take it as a sign that your pipes need replacing.

The Water is Discolored

When pipes are clogged with rust, the water that runs through them gets discolored. If the water has a hint of red or brown in it, it’s because the rust in your pipe is breaking off and contaminating your water supply and deteriorating its quality. Consuming rusty water can lead to severe health issues.

You’ve Experienced Multiple Pipe Leaks

Isolated pipe leaks aren’t a big deal, but if you’ve had multiple leaks in a short amount of time, then you’ll have to get new pipes.Repiping your home may seem expensive, but when you consider the amount of money you’ve been spending on fixing individual leaks, you’ll see that repiping is a much better option.

Think of repiping as an investment that will help prevent future plumbing repairs and stop you from wasting water.

So, what does repiping involve and how long does it take?

In small houses, repiping can be completed in a few days, but in larger properties, it may take a week or longer.

The plumbers will remove parts of your drywall to access, remove and replace the pipes. Experienced plumbing companies will ensure that your walls, floors, and furniture don’t experience unnecessary damage.

Once all pipes have been replaced, the plumbing company will leave the water running to make sure that it’s flowing properly.

Bear in mind that repiping is expensive so you must find plumbing experts you trust.

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