Imagine you hop in the shower for a nice hot bath after a long day, you rinse off before lathering your hair up, ready to wash away all your worries and concerns and—but then, there’s a pitter-patter and suddenly nothing.

You’re out of water.

What now? Your hair is a foamy, soppy mess and your feet are kind of soapy but you wear your towel and rush to the sink to check if the issue is just in the shower. Nope. No water there either.

The building manager says nothing’s wrong with the water flow in the rest of the building. This means something’s definitely wrong with your water supply. But what could it be?

Consider the possibility of a broken pipe. If you’re still unsure, look out for these signs:

1. Inconsistent water pressure

Do you notice the water pressure changing while you’re using it? It suddenly pours then it patters out to a barely-there pressure that makes it hard to shower, wash dishes, do laundry or pretty much anything around the house. If you notice sudden changes in the pressure, you might be dealing with leaky or broken pipes.

2. The water looks kind of funky

Is your water a strange brown or kind of sandy? Your pipes are probably rusted and the particles are mixing into the water. This is not only a health hazard, it’s unhygienic as well. Debris could also be falling through the fissures and cracks in your pipe.

3. There’s an odd stench

Smelly bathrooms indicate sewage leaks or infestation into your water system so if your bathroom smells like rotten eggs or an open sewer, give us a call immediately. We offer pipe repair services in Forth Worth and Chico, TX.

4. Puddles keep forming under your sink

Have you noticed water stains or puddles forming under your bathroom or kitchen sink consistently? When a pipe is broken or burst, the water will seep through walls and concrete and leave stains around points of concentration.

5. There are odd noises

If you hear rattling noises and hearing water running through the house or bathroom, your pipe has most definitely been damaged. If the initial burst isn’t loud enough to be heard, constant flow and rumble from the damage will be. If you notice odd sounds, like someone walking or running through your home, a pipe in your home has most likely burst.


Broken pipes not only lead to water wastage, they also cause damage to property and risk your safety. If you’re even slightly concerned about a broken pipe, call us for broken pipe repair and installation services.