What To Do When You Have A Broken Pipe Emergency

Broken pipes can be a nightmare to handle and expensive to repair. The damage that even a single broken pipe brings can lead to a big mess and if you’re dealing with an emergency broken pipe situation, don’t panic.

Give us a call for expert broken pipe repair in Chico, TX, but in the meantime, you can take a few measures to control the situation while help is on the way:

Turn off the main water source

Before anything else, make sure the main water source is closed. Close your valve or contact your building manager or maintenance personnel to do it for you. It’s imperative that this step is taken care of because with water flowing and running from the source will continue to flood your walls and home.

Stay away from electrical sources and switches

If the pipe has burst and there’s spillage everywhere, prioritize your safety and unplug all electrical appliances especially those that are closer to the ground and remove yourself from all wires and sources of electricity. This includes plugs and switches and appliances that can’t be moved right away. The ones that can be moved should be placed where the water cannot reach.

Collect the water

If the leak is spilling through the walls or cracks, or the pipe is exposed and leaking, place a bucket or tub under it to collect the water that’s falling. Not only does this control the amount of spillage and overall mess, but it keeps the water from being wasted.

Drain the remaining water

It’s essential that the rest of the water is drained from the pipes because even after you shut off the main valve, there’s water sitting in them. Do this by plugging your tub or sink and opening all the cold taps to let the water drain out fully.

Move your possessions to a safe zone

Apart from appliances and electrical possessions, move the rest of your belongings such as documents and paperwork, personal items, clothing and anything that runs the risk of getting soaked and damaged. Place them somewhere the water can’t reach, because flooding and puddles can spread too.

Alert your insurance company if need be

If your insurance company will be covering the repair costs, alert them about the situation so they’re in the lieu. At least by the time repair services begin, you’ll know that they’re being covered. If you don’t have insurance, get in touch with building management for investigation.


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