What Does A Plumbing Inspection Involve?

Homeowners spend anywhere between $1,145 and $4,561 on water damage in their lifetime.

Investing in professional plumbing can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing a new home. People often undermine how expensive plumbing repairs can be and make the mistake of inspecting the property themselves.

Most people don’t have the expertise or the experience to identify plumbing issues; as a result, they end up investing in properties with faulty plumbing that costs them heavily later on.

You may be able to identify surface issues like slow draining sinks or rusty water, but you probably won’t notice slab leaks and other problems that happen beneath the surface.

Here’s what you can expect from a plumbing inspection:

Checks All Over Your House

A plumbing inspection involves checking all over your house. Experienced plumbers will check every tub, toiler, sink, line, and pipes to ensure the water is running smoothly and has good pressure. All hydrants and pipes will be checked for leaks.

When it comes to water heaters and toilets, it’s not enough to just make sure that everything is functioning properly. Plumbers will check flappers, filler mechanisms and water levels. We’ll also look out for bad odors in kitchens and bathrooms that indicate that pipes may be clogged with minerals or rust.

Plumbers will also check the temperature of water heaters and the pressure of relieve valves before they are flushed.

Thermal Imaging For Plumbing

Thermal imaging is used to identify parts of the property that have levels of moisture and detect leakages.

Through thermal imaging, we can check for leakages behind the wall and under the flooring without damaging your property. We’ll let you know if there are any signs of slab leaks and faulty plumbing that may cause severe water damage later on.

Exterior Plumbing Inspection

The city’s plumbing is connected to your home’s plumbing so it makes to have that checked too. At Pro Serve Plumbers, we also evaluate the sewage system and water meter outside your property to make sure the water going through the system is flowing smoothly.

The plumbing on your property may be fine, but any sort of leaks outside your property can seriously damage the foundation and set you back by hundreds of dollars.

Want to make sure the property you’re considering buying is free of plumbing problems? Get in touch with us today! We’ll carry out all the necessary tests so you can move in without any hesitation.

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