Not a Small Problem: How to Tell Commercial Plumbing Emergencies and Minor Plumbing Issues Apart

Among other contacts—your mom, your best friend, your boyfriend, or your dad—that you have on speed dial, you also need your plumber there. A good plumbing company will always offer emergency plumbing services, and emergencies are when you need their assistance the most.

However, over the years, individuals learn a thing or two about how to fix minor plumbing troubles. This includes minor leaks, clogs, and water damage. While these skills are great to have, they might not suffice in case of a major emergency. Delaying calling your plumbing might aggravate the problem and ultimately, cost even more.

You need to know what accounts as a major problem and requires a professional service to mend. Here are some tips to help you distinguish and take proactive measures.

Start by Shutting off Water Supply

If your kitchen or bathroom has pools of water, you know it’s a plumbing issue. For starters, shut off the water supply from the main valve. (A good tip: if you don’t know where the main water supply is in your house, make sure you find it out before facing any plumbing disasters.)

This rule applies to any plumbing problem; shut off the water supply as soon as you sense trouble. This will contain the problem as best as possible and avoid further damage before professionals arrive. However, if you’re certain about the exact location of the problem, you can locate the valve and just shut it instead. If the problem continues to persist, it’s time to call the experts.

Make a Quick Timeline

In order to determine if your problem counts as an urgent emergency or a situation that can wait, you need to estimate the duration after which the problem will get out of control.

For instance, if the sanitation pipes have burst and wastewater is back-flowing in the house, there’s no time to wait. However, if you’re noticing water damage or signs of mold on the walls, you can probably wait for regular hours before calling in plumbers.

The bottom line is: is it disturbing your day to day life to the extent that the problem is intolerable? If yes, open your speed dial. If not, give your service providers 24 hours to respond.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to drainage problems or water blockage, your life can suffer gravely. You can’t use the toilet, kitchen or bathroom. This can be seriously frustrating!

If the drainage problem has worsened to the point that not a single shower is usable, you should definitely go for emergency plumbers. However, if it’s a minor clogging issue, you probably shouldn’t waste money on an emergency plumbing.

But at the end of the day, it depends on your peace of mind. You could be worried if there’s an infant, elderly or sick person in the house, and you don’t want the unhygienic environment affecting them.

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