Using Thermal Imaging to Find Slab Leaks

Any sort of leak that occurs beneath the foundation of your house is defined as a “slab leak”. Out of all the plumbing issues that can happen on your property slab leaks are the most problematic because they aren’t visible and you’ll only know of them until you start noticing pools of water in your house.

Many modern homes, as well as some made in the 1950s, have a concrete foundation and built-in radiant heating, which can cause serious water damage. The concrete slabs make it difficult to identify damaged plumbing and water leaks below the surface. On average, homeowners in the US spend about $2,786 on water damage in their lifetime so it’s in their best interest to address potential leakage problems right away.

Detecting water leakage below the surface has become much easier with thermal imaging. Thermal imaging refers to the process of using thermal cameras to detect heat and moisture levels below concrete slabs that make the foundation of your house.

Pinless Moisture Meters and Thermal Cameras

To identify slab leaks and assess the extent of the damage, plumbers use a combination of pinless moisture meters and advanced thermal cameras. Pinless moisture meters are typically used to verify moisture and detect moisture levels once plumbers have completed thermal inspection.

Pinless meters aren’t reliable, they can only provide accurate readings when they are positioned an inch beneath the surface—they can’t read anything below that. Also, it’s extremely difficult to penetrate a concrete surface with a pin moisture meter. Thermal cameras are a lot more convenient for such situations and help you determine the extent of the damage.


Although you can’t “see” the water using thermal cameras, they will show you how the exposure to water has impacted the temperatures on the surface.

Slab leak experts will be able to identify where the leak is and how much damage it has caused. This way, only specific parts of the foundation will be removed.

When it comes to leaks in the foundation of your house, it’s best to call slab leak experts instead of regular plumbers; they not only have the equipment to identify leaks without causing unnecessary damage to your property, but we also have the expertise to repair the leaks quickly and efficiently.

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