What Garbage! Garbage Disposal Problems And Ways To Correct Them


What Garbage! Garbage Disposal Problems And Ways To Correct Them

Even though it’s all about trash, garbage disposal problems can be a major impediment in smooth functioning of a household. It’s one of the most important appliances in households and does more than just manage waste: it makes living easier!

Even though garbage disposals are generally low maintenance appliances, they’re susceptible to wear and tear due to excessive use. The engine may slow down or the blades might need replacement.

Like every other machine, it needs regular maintenance and checks to ensure that it’s always in perfect running condition. Delaying repairs may cost you the price of a new garburator so save up that extra expense by repairing faults on time. It’s advised to avoid meddling with the machine on your own; call in an expert whenever you need.

Here’s all that can go wrong with a garbage disposal and ways to fix them.

Faulty Activation

You may freak out at the slightest sign of inactivity in your garbage disposal but at times, the solution is unbelievably simple.

Before you start looking up new garbage disposals, check if the unit is still plugged in, the fuse is on, and the “reset” button hasn’t been pushed accidentally. This is often the reason why the unit fails to turn on. If it still doesn’t work, call a professional.

Jammed disposal

The unit normally makes a humming noise if there’s something jammed in between the blades. Reach out for the breaker box and turn off the unit while wearing safety gloves. Reach into the unit and remove whatever is jamming the blades. Once done, activate it again to see if it works. Make sure you’re don’t disposing kitchen waste like stringy vegetables, egg shells, large bones, non-food items, fruit pits, or a bulk of garbage.

Clogged drainage

Under normal circumstances, a garbage disposal grinds and drains kitchen waste in a few seconds. If it’s taking any longer than this, there’s definitely some problem. It could be because the blades have slowed or the drainage pipe is clogged. Consult a professional plumber to help you with this.


Foul smells

Since it’s processing garbage, your garburator won’t smell of roses. However, sometimes foul odors rising from the unit can become unbearable.  A quick fix for bad smell is to run lemon slices or lime wedges along with ice in the disposal. This should do the job if the problem isn’t deeper. If not, it could either be because the pipes have rotting waste stuck in them or the unit itself needs professional cleaning. In both cases you’ll need a professional plumber do the job.

We’re offering professional sewer repair services in Fort Worth, TX. If you’re having trouble with your garburator, give us a call and we’ll be right there.