Wondering Why Your Vicinity Is Stinking? 5 Signs It’s Clogged Sewage


Wondering Why Your Vicinity Is Stinking? 5 Signs It’s Clogged Sewage

Clogged sewer lines are one of the least discussed topics when it comes to house maintenance. Many people tend to ignore it until they smell something fishy, literally.

If your house smells like rotten eggs, it’s high time to get your sewerage system checked for any possible clogs.

A clogged sewage can occur due to any obstacle stuck in your sewer lines. This can create endless problems for you and your family. If the issue is not resolved immediately, it can be troublesome for your neighbors as well. So the next time you feel your vicinity has started to stink, look out for these signs and their possible solutions.

Bad Smell:

An unpleasant smell is one of the first and common sign of a blocked sewer line. This is caused by particles of waste material diffused in the air. A stinky neighborhood is not only unwelcoming but also an unhealthy place to live. It can cause skin irritation and breathing problems for many.


To keep your surroundings healthy, get your sewerage system checked and repaired by an expert.

Poor Drainage:

A clogged drain will stop the water from passing through the sewer lines. If it’s not too severe, you may experience slow drainage, but if the condition worsens, it can result in a reverse flow which is catastrophic. The best decision in this situation is to call your plumber and get your sewer lines cleaned.

Strange Noise:

Often, you’ll hear sound of bubbles when your sewer is clogged. This indicates that water is unable to flow properly. Try running water down the drain for a few minutes. If the bubbling persists, call a plumbing service immediately to help you with the issue.

Sewage Backup:

Clogged sewage is a nuisance but what makes this situation worst is a backed up drain. When there’s no path for the water to move forward, it starts to flow in the opposite direction. So if you flush, you may see water coming out of the sink or your bath tub. This is an extreme condition and must be tackled by a professional.


Another sign of a clogged sewage is a sewer slab leak. As the water pressure builds up in the pipe, it pushes the walls of the slab resulting in a leak. This can be seen as stagnant water or a soggy lawn.














A quick slab repair, by a skilled plumber, will solve the issue.

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