BEWARE! Domestic Hazards of Gas Leakage

Inadequate maintenance and inspection of a gas leak can wreak havoc. In February 2018, a 12-year old girl lost her life in a natural gas explosion, in Dallas. But ever wondered why natural gas could be so dangerous?

Natural gas is highly explosive so all it takes is a spark to cause an explosion, in case of a massive leak. A single flip of a switch—even use of a cellular or landline phone near a potential leak—can ignite an explosion! Do not make the mistake of thinking that a slight leakage in your gas pipelines is absolutely harmless.

Below are some hazards of gas leakage that you need to look out for:

Short term effects:

Small leakages may go unnoticed since natural gas has no odor. That pungent smell is the odorant, Mercaptan, added to help detect a leak.

Therefore, it’s advised to get regular inspections done by well-trained plumbers. Short term exposure to natural gas can lead to symptoms like:

  • headache
  • light headedness
  • nausea
  • nose bleeding
  • fatigue
  • heavy breathing

You may suffer from asphyxiation, a condition which occurs due to lack of oxygen in the air. This can lead to unconsciousness and in some cases result in death.


According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), almost 32,000 accidents have resulted in fatal injuries and several deaths since 1987, in the US.

Many people end up losing their loved ones or properties due to explosions caused by leakage of natural gas.

Best way to avoid such situations is timely detection. In case of emergencies, get in touch with a reliable and fast plumbing service provider to fix the gas leakage as soon as possible.


Global Warming:

On a smaller scale, a gas leak may not seem to be affecting Mother Nature but you might be surprised to learn that it does. One of the main reasons for Global warming is methane gas which is the most prominent element of natural gas. This contributes to the greenhouse effect and ultimately increases global warming. So, the improper use of natural gas not only affects us today but may also scar our future.

Hence, it is extremely important to get your home checked for any possible leaks by a professional. Regular checks are a good practice to avoid possible future disaster.

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