Toilet and Shower Clogged at the Same Time? Here’s What It Means

Imagine this; it’s early in the morning, you’re getting ready for work, and your toilet overflows when you flush it. Frustrating, right?

Next, you hop in the shower and the water pools around your feet. Sound familiar? You may be tempted to assume both your toilet and shower drain are clogged simultaneously. You’d be wrong.

What is actually happening is your sewer main line is clogged. Not the individual drain lines connected to the toilet and shower.

An obstruction in your sewer main means the water that’s supposed to go down comes up instead. Since both drain lines are sending water back up, the obstruction in your mainline is pretty deep.

A clogged sewer main can affect the plumbing all over your home. In certain cases, your sewer main may actually send up more than just water. Raw sewage backing up out of your drains is something you want to avoid altogether by having expert plumbers deal with it.

What Causes a Clogged Sewer Line?

A clogged sewer line can be caused by a host of reasons. Debris lodged in deep, broken pipes, a growth of tree roots. Tree and shrub roots can often grow into old sewer pipes in search of water. Flushing down sanitary products, such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or facial tissues can also clog your sewer line.

A rupture in your sewer line can be caused because of shifting soil, settling, or even increased traffic on the ground above. The use of heavy construction equipment above the ground can also cause damage to your sewer main.

Signs You Need to Watch Out For

Your Drains are Running Slowly

If multiple drains are running slowly at your home despite your efforts to clean them, it’s more than likely your sewer main is clogged.

Water Overflows into Different Plumbing Fixtures

If your sewer main is blocked, water will overflow into different fixtures. This is because when water from one branch can’t escape, it will flow into another. If flushing your toilet causes gurgling in the tub or shower drain, then you know your sewer main needs repairs. The same goes for when using your washing machine causes water to overflow in your toilet or shower drain.

What You Should Do With a Clogged Sewer Main

A clogged sewer main is not something you can remedy by yourself. So, put away those DIY instructions right away. Turn off your main water supply immediately.

If you leave it running, you will risk flooding your home. Shutting off the main water supply will prevent a buildup of excess sewage and water.

Next, call in a professional plumbing repair service to handle the situation.

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