The Only Guide you’ll need to Keep Your Plumbing Pipes in Top Shape

The Only Guide you’ll need to Keep Your Plumbing Pipes in Top Shape

It is safe to assume that the plumbing system in an average American home doesn’t receive adequate maintenance. We take this complex system of pipes for granted and think that things will operate as usual, that is until we encounter major plumbing problems. They say prevention is better than cure and the same holds for plumbing.

In this blog, we’ll present a top guide on how to keep your plumbing pipes in top shape!

Don’t Flush Trash into the Toilet

If there’s one lesson that the majority of plumbing repairs have taught us, it’s that far too many people treat their toilet as a trash can. Things like facial tissues are absorbent and end up blocking the pipes. Wet wipes are another common blockage as it clumps together and requires the services of professional plumbers to remove.

Flushing these objects down the toilet not only pose a risk to your plumbing system, but also the municipal sewer system as a whole.

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Numerous DIY-plumbing blogs online encourage readers to use chemical drain cleaners to deal with clogged drains in the kitchen or bathroom. However, very few mention the effect that these products have on your pipes. The acidic properties of these chemicals lead to corrosion and cause severe damages. If a drain snake or plunger fails to have the required effect, call in a professional plumber to deal with the problem.

Replace Old Pipes

If you live in a house that was built during the 70s, there’s a high chance that your plumbing system is comprised of outdated materials. This is also true for homeowners that shift into a remodeled home. Old pipes made from steel, iron, polybutylene, and lead lack the same level of durability as those available today. Also, drinking pipes made from lead pose a health hazard according to the World Health Organization and should be replaced immediately.

Carry out Routine Maintenance

Routine cleaning and inspection of the plumbing system may appear to be an arduous task, but it helps keep costly repair jobs at bay. Even with basic tools scheduled maintenance prevents clogging as well as pipe decay. If you haven’t done so in a while, it’s best to call in licensed plumbers and have them inspect your plumbing system for any repairs.

Despite its ability to endure punishment, your plumbing system relies on routine maintenance to operate as intended. If you notice leaks or other kinds of damages, contact professional plumbers today. Pro Serve Plumbing offers a wide range of plumbing services in Boyd, Texas. They have years of experience and are known to get the job done quickly.

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