4 Things You Should Never Do to Your Commercial Plumbing Pipes

There is a lot that can go wrong with plumbing pipes. They may freeze, develop leaks, get clogged, or may back up. And while such plumbing problems may not always be of “immediate” concern for homeowners, with businesses it’s a bit different.

Let’s say you run a restaurant, and the sink in your kitchen is clogged; it won’t drain, it won’t run off. That can be a big problem for your kitchen team that might want to wash the dishes.

It is, therefore, imperative that you take good care of your commercial plumbing pipes to keep them in the working order. More importantly, there are certain things that you should never do to your pipes to avoid plumbing problems altogether.

Using bleach to clean them

A lot of businesses do that.

Bleach is no doubt a very powerful cleaning agent. It clears the gunk in your pipes in minutes. But it is also toxic and highly corrosive.

It can damage your commercial plumbing pipes. Furthermore, it can be dangerous if released into the environment.

Using snake to unclog them

Putting a drain snake into your clogged pipes may help with the problem, temporarily. However, it could also lead to much bigger problems.

Remember that snaking only pushes the debris down your pipes; it doesn’t break it down or help get rid of it permanently.

The debris will sit deep down in your pipes, catch on any residue that it might get its hands on, and cause an even larger clog.

Also, snaking your pipes may physically damage them if you aren’t careful.

Thawing them when they are frozen

This is another big “NO”.

Using a propane torch on your frozen commercial plumbing pipes may help release the water that’s stuck inside; however, it can also melt the pipes, or worse, set them on fire.

Feeding them with food

This usually happens at commercial kitchens, where the cooking team mashes the left-over food down the kitchen sink.

Food is bad for your plumbing pipes. It can cause them to clog. Especially, if it’s some high starch food like pasta, rice or potato peels, the chances of your pipes getting clogged by them are even higher.

Do your commercial plumbing pipes often trouble you?

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