Tips for Using your Garbage Disposal Unit the Right Way


A properly functioning garbage disposal unit is a blessing. A good disposal unit can make household chores a smooth sailing. But many times, the garbage disposal unit in your kitchen can become clogged or malfunction. And if not treated by professionals immediately, it can turn into a costly plumbing nightmare.

Want to make sure your garbage disposal unit lasts longer? Here’s what you should do!


Run the Disposal for Longer

Even after the disposal unit has finished grinding up the food waste, don’t turn it off just yet. Instead, keep it on for at least a minute. This will help flush out the food waste from the drain pipes completely. Similarly, you should also run cold water along with a drop of dishwashing liquid. This will clean your disposal completely and get rid of any food remains.

Only Grind Small Food Scraps

Your garbage disposal unit is only so powerful. So before you attempt to feed it some food scraps, double-check their size. If the food scraps are bigger in size, cut them up into smaller pieces. Also, make sure to put in pieces one at a time. This will prevent your disposal unit from getting clogged.

Run Disposal with Warm Water

Before running your garbage disposal unit, make sure to check the temperature of the water. As a rule of thumb, always run the disposal with warm water. The warm water will ensure that the food waste doesn’t stick to the insides of the unit. This will make it easier for the disposal system in your kitchen to grind and remove the waste from the drain pipe.

Use Citrus Peels

Even if you clean your garbage disposal unit regularly, it’ll only take you so far. So every once in a while, make it a habit to toss in a citrus fruit peel into the disposal. This peel will help eliminate the excess food waste as well as any bad odor at the same time.

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