Plumbing lines are the oldest systems in most households and have probably witnessed the last 4 generations of your family. Even if properly maintained, they’ll not last for more than 50 years and need to be replaced after this time.

Many Americans take their plumbing systems for granted which severely damages  your pipelines. It should be on top of your list if you are considering house renovations. If your plumbing pipes and fixtures don’t follow the guidelines of Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide, consider re-piping your house.

Here are a few signs that indicate you need house re-piping.

Your House Is Old:

If your house hasn’t been renovated in ages, it’s high time to change those plumbing lines. Until 1960, galvanized pipes were installed in the plumbing systems. These pipes are 20 to 50 years old and are prone to corrosion. They may burst due to old age wrecking havoc at your place. If your pipelines haven’t been updated for more than 50 years, you are at risk. Your plumbing system is at the verge of collapsing and needs re-piping ASAP.


Water Pressure Is Low:

Low water pressure is a sign of blocked pipes. With the passage of time, mineral buildup begins to accumulate within the water pipes and resist the flow of water. This changes the flow of water. It’s a slow process and takes a long period of time to show visible effects, hence if you experience a similar situation, consult a plumber for re-piping.

Water Has Weird Color:

A common problem with old steel pipes is corrosion and rust. Severity of rust increases over time affecting the quality of water. The water may turn red or brown in color and may develop a distinct metallic odor. Discoloration is the sign of toxins. It can affect your health and lead to skin and stomach infections. Changing the piping system becomes crucial in this case.


There Are Multiple Pipe Leaks:

Frequent leak repairs signals an alarming situation. If you experience a crack or a leak in your plumbing lines, it’s a clear sign that you need re-piping. Frequent fixture replacements not only increase your monthly expense but also result in water wastage. Re-piping would be an investment in this case, making your life easier.


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