The Ultimate Plumbing Checklist for Texas Homebuyers

The Ultimate Plumbing Checklist for Texas Homebuyers

Buying a new home is a momentous occasion. You’re investing in your family’s collective future, and hence, you have every right to inspect the new property before you take the plunge.

While inspecting the property in question, make sure you’re paying close attention to the plumbing system in your new home. Ensure that all the necessary toilet repairs are undertaken, including leaky pipes, loose faucets, and clogged drains.

The following is a guide on what you should check for when inspecting a house’s plumbing system:

What Should You Inspect?

When it comes to buying a new home, there are some crucial features you need to pay attention to during your house tour. For one, check for visible pipes under the bathroom or kitchen sink. Assess how old they look and the state they’re in. There should be no extraneous water collecting above or below the pipes, and they should not be corroded.

You should also test the showerheads and sink faucets to gauge the water pressure. Also note if they keep leaking when you’ve turned them off.

What Are Some Visible Clues?

Some plumbing issues will be challenging to spot for someone with an untrained eye. However, there are tons of signs of water damage that can clue you in.

During your home tour, try to notice warped wood inside cabinets, wet pipes under sinks, and brown stains. All of these are signs of a leak, which will eventually lead to water damage.

You should also try to see if the toilet bowl is filling up as it should, or if it takes time to flush on the first try. All of these and more signs call for professional plumbing repairs and replacements.

What To Do When You Spot A Plumbing Issue?

If there are too many plumbing issues, a look for another home. Because too many extensive repairs will lead to you investing more on the renovations than you did on buying the house.

However, if your heart is set on this home and you don’t want to look for another one, call in professional plumbers to deal with all the plumbing issues.

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