Slab leaks are inevitable in every household due to various reasons. Being alert and calling a slab leak repair service at the right time can save your property from further damage and save the structural integrity of your house.

What Is A Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are hidden leaks that occur in the water lines beneath the foundation of your house. The water can seep into the floors and walls and can cause severe damage. Pipes are located under the concrete slabs, which can be repaired by a professional slab leak repair service.

Symptoms Of A Slab Leak

1. High Water Bill

When there is an undetected slab leak, your water bill will increase. Your water consumption has remained the same, but the leak is causing more water to flow through your water meter. This is a major indication of leakage.

2. Sound Of Running Water From The Walls Or Ceilings

If you hear sounds of running water from your walls or ceilings where there is no evident water connection, it’s important to get it inspected.

3. Damp Spots On The Floors

Carpeted flooring absorbs any water that is leaking due to the slab leak forming mold and mildew. Damp spots on your floor can be a sign of a floor leak as the pipes beneath the flooring might have disrupted.

4. Low Water Pressure

If you’re experiencing low water pressure, it might be due to leakage. Most leaks can be easily identified, but slab leaks are harder to detect. You can call a professional slab leak repair service to inspect your property.

5. Cracked Foundation

Your house’s foundation might move due to the natural shifting of the soil, which can disrupt the plumbing underground. The mesh of pipes might break or burst, causing a slab leak, which needs to be reinstalled.

Consequences Of A Slab Leak

1. Damaged Flooring

A slab leak can ruin your floors as it can seep into your tiles, which will have to be regrouted or reinstalled. Carpeted floors will have to be replaced due to mold formation. Wooden flooring will be at risk of a termite outbreak and you will have to get them treated.

2. Weakened Foundation

Slab leaks can weaken the foundation of your house by swelling it from some places and forming cracks on others. It can be a huge risk to your property value.

3. Foul Odor

Damp spots on your floor and walls can form mold and mildew, which can emit a foul odor spreading it throughout the house.

4. Mold And Chipped Paint On Walls And Ceilings

When the water seeps into the walls and ceilings it can form moldy spots and the paint on them can chip off. This ruins the beauty of your house and it needs to be maintained to avoid constantly wasting a hefty amount of money.

Contact us if you detect any slab leaks or observe any indication and want our expert technicians to inspect your property. We offer slab leak repair services in Fort Worth.