Whether you’re replacing an old toilet seat or installing a new one, all you need are some essential tools. Read on the following guide for installing a new toilet seat.

Why should you be replacing it in the First Place?

If your toilet seat is loosening around the hinges or is damaged, we suggest replacing it with a new one. Older toilet seats also tend to be unhygienic. Over the years they tend to retain germs and bacteria that can be easily passed onto anyone who uses the toilet.

Measure your Toilet Seat before placing an order

All toilet seats do not come in one standard size. Most toilet seats come in the traditional pointed nose, D-shaped or round nose shape. Figure out the shape of your toilet first before placing an order. You don’t want to waste your time getting the wrong seat. You can always seek professional help from a professional plumbing service if you struggle with determining what shape your toilet seat is.

Get These Tools to Change a Toilet Seat

The tools required to install a new toilet seat are easily available in every household. A set of pliers can be used to remove the nuts on the toilet seat so that the old one can be detached. You may also need a screwdriver to remove the caps covering the nuts.  Many toilet seats come with proper kits that make the entire process easier.

Remove the toilet seat first by getting rid of the bolt cap with a flathead screwdriver. Once the caps are removed, you would be able to see the nuts properly. These wing nuts keep the toilet seat intact. Remove these nuts with some pliers. Loosen the screws and lift the seat, and voila! You’re done.

Put the New Seat On

Open the packaging and get the new seat out. You would receive a manual with instructions for installing the seat. Make sure the seat fits the toilet properly. Slot the bolts through the toilet, fixing holes, and secure the wing nuts.

If you aren’t sure about doing this yourself, call our expert plumbers team. We at Pro Serve Plumbing carefully train our team to get premium plumbing services delivered to them. Call us today and find out more.