What To Do When Dishwasher Does not Drain

What To Do When Dishwasher Does not Drain

Is your dishwasher not draining properly? Do you suspect a pipe blockage that’s preventing normal flow of water down the drain? Don’t fret.

Before you call a professional plumbing service for the job, do these quick tests to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

1) Check the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal doesn’t always work efficiently. At times, debris from leftovers end up passing through the garbage disposal and develop clogs. It’s crucial to run some water through the drain to get rid of all the wastage and clear it out. If doing so fails to clear up the clog, consider calling professional plumbing services.

2) Power it up Again

One way to make sure that there’s is nothing wrong with the drain is unplugging the dishwasher and starting it on again. Make sure the dishwasher is receiving sufficient electric supply. Any shortage of the required valve can easily impact the dishwasher’s ability to function properly.

3) Clean Out the Filter

Small pieces of food waste such as popcorn or seeds can still get stuck in the filter. Your dishwasher’s filter can be placed somewhere around the bottom of the tub or at the back. If you struggle doing it yourself, check out the instructions in the appliance manual.

4) Inspect the Air Gap

An air cap is usually in a cylindrical shape, present at the back of the sink. It’s meant to prevent drain water flowing back to the dishwasher. Check to see if there is any drain water in it. If there is then the blockage is mainly between the air gap and the garbage disposal. Remove the cap and clean the water out.

5) Clean the Drain Screen

Sometimes the drain screen consists of bits of plastics that might prevent the drain water from flowing through it properly. Take the drain screen and clean it thoroughly to make sure no debris is on there.

6) Inspect the Drain Hose

Last but not the least, check the drain hose by loosening the clamp from the pump. If there is any debris clean it out. Also, make sure to clean any corrosion in the pipe where the dishwasher connects with the drain hose.

Seek professional help if you can’t fix the drain on your own. Call out our team of professional plumbers in Fort Worth. Having in this business for over 15 years, Pro Serve Plumbing are great at what they do. Call us to find out more.