DIY Slab Leak Detection? Not a Good Idea!

Fixing a complex plumbing issue by yourself is not a good idea. Watching a video and implementing it can look easy, but it can create a bigger mess for you. Professional plumbing services have trained and licensed employees who have experienced several plumbing disasters.

Here’s why you shouldn’t rely on DIYs and call a professional.

How Can A Slab Leak Occur?

Slab leaks are the hidden leaks in the foundation of your house that can go undetected for a long time, causing hefty damage to your property.

Some of the visible indications for homeowners can be:

  1. High water bills while there is no increase in water consumption
  2. Sounds of running water from the walls or ceilings
  3. Cracked foundation
  4. Damp spots on your floor
  5. Foul odor from the floor or walls
  6. Mold formation and paint chipping from the walls.

After detecting them, trying to fix them yourself would cause a major plumbing catastrophe.

1. Intersecting Plumbing System

There is a mesh of pipes under your house that only a professional slab leak repair service can identify and fix. First of all, digging the flooring and reaching the pipes is a difficult task. If you’re successful in doing that, you might not be able to differentiate between the sewage lines and freshwater supply pipes.

2. Pipe Rerouting

Slab leaks can occur due to the natural shift in the foundation. This can disrupt the pipe’s locations and cause leakage. The concrete slabs can’t be replaced so the pipes need to be relocated. A professional slab leak repair service can recommend where the pipes will be able to set up so that they’re concealed and protected.

3. Breaking Through the Slab

Sometimes the plumbers have to break through a slab to reach the source of the leakage. This requires experience and knowledge or else it can result in significant damage. The concrete slabs beneath your house are not alike. It requires a great amount of work afterward. Moreover, concrete has to be poured over the broken parts and it’s an expensive procedure.

4. Tunneling Beneath the Slab

Professional slab leak repair services can also locate the area where the leakage is occurring and form a tunnel to avoid cutting the slab, which can save on costs and allows you to live in your house while the work is being done.

Contact us if you detect any slab leaks or observe any indication and want our expert technicians to inspect your property. We offer slab leak repair services in Fort Worth.