Need to Replace an Old Sewer Line? Here’s What You Need to Know

The idea of replacing your sewer line is not fun at all. However, many of the homes we live in are old. That means they have old sewer lines. All piping ages and your sewer line is no different. It is used consistently every single day with all manner of waste material sent through. Your entire plumbing system’s health is dependent on timely sewer line maintenance.

However, now that you need to replace yours, here’s what you need to know.

Know the Condition of Your Sewer Pipe

Before you jump to the conclusion that your sewer line needs to replaced it is a good idea to ensure its condition first. A surefire way to do this is to send a sewer camera down the pipe. A professional plumbing service should be able to do this for you. Once the health of the sewer line is determined, you will know whether you need a replacement or not.

What Are Your Solutions?

You need to now determine how serious the problem is. If it is only localized to a small area or a few feet of the pipe, it is best to simply dig it up and repair it. If tree roots have invaded and clogged up the sewer line to the point that you need a replacement, you have three options.

Trench and Replace

Trenching and replacing a sewer line is the conventional method but it is also the most intrusive. You will be digging up and completely replacing the pipe. In certain cases, when the condition of the pipe doesn’t allow other methods, trenching and replacing is your only option.

Pipe Bursting Replacement

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method used to replace pipes in the ground. This method requires access holes at both ends, and strong cable threaded through the length of the pipe. One end of the cable is attached to a pulling mechanism, and the other to a “bursting head”. This is pulled through the middle of your old sewer pipe, breaking it and replacing it after it is put in place.

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