Why You Should Opt for a Slab Leak Specialist over a General Plumber

Plumbing issues vary in size, nature and complexity. While some repairs can be dealt with through DIY methods, others can’t be trusted to even a skilled general plumber, requiring a specialist. Slab leaks are one such issue, and if you’re facing one right now, it’s best to call a slab leak specialist instead of a plumber.

Before we get into the need for a specialist, let’s quickly recap what a slab leak is and the risks it poses.

Important Points to Remember

A slab leak is a common problem, especially in aging houses that have outdated and antiquated pipe systems installed. The leak is typically underground and impacts the whole foundation of the house, instead of an isolated area. This is why it’s crucial to get it fixed by an expert without delay.

The leak can occur in either the water or sewage pipes, and is characterized by pooling, mold, or bad odors.

The Need for a Specialist for Slab Leak Repairs

Unlike other repairs, slab leaks involve a unique understanding of multiple facets of plumbing. Let’s take a look.

  • The repair process is complicated compared to other plumbing problems, since it involves slab penetration, or the complete removal of the floor at the origin point. A specialist who has the experience will be better able to pinpoint the exact location for tunneling.

  • If there are multiple leaks, the specialist will need to tunnel through the floor at multiple points; that requires expertise. You can’t afford any mistakes here, as you don’t want to be left with a broken floor in the middle of the living room, especially if the leaking pipe isn’t even there.
  • Slab leak repairs are an invasive process, even when the leak is minimal, which is why the chances of collateral damage are significantly high. Penetrating the wrong point or even a little imprecision can lead to floor and wall cracks in the surrounding area, as well as further pipe damage—causing the pipe to burst.
  • The detection and repair process can be complicated and, therefore, is costly. A general plumber may offer you low rates and you may be tempted to take the deal, but keep a few things in mind:
    • The removal of concrete slabs or finished flooring with a jackhammer isn’t easy to pull off and requires considerable labor.<>/p
    • The materials required to fix and coat the leaks also cost a significant amount, especially when your house has old plumbing and multiple areas need repairs.

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