Maintaining the plumbing system of a home isn’t an easy task. The system is complex and even the smallest error can result in extensive damage. Slab leaks are one such plumbing problem that tends to be quite common here in Fort Worth since homes are built on concrete slabs.

These leaks develop due to inadequate installation of the pipes in the foundation, poor quality materials, wear and tear, weather conditions, and much more. It’s therefore, essential for homeowners to know the signs of slab leaks.

Increase in water bills

When there are leaks somewhere along your plumbing system, it’s bound to reflect on your water bills for the month. Closely monitor the changes in your water costs. If it’s increased lately, you need to know why.

Slab leaks are known to affect water bills and therefore, higher bills call for you to inspect your basement for any signs of seepage.

Damage to the foundation of your house

When slab leaks happen, water begins to fill up the space between your home and the concrete slab. Eventually, water manages to seep through the foundation of your home, resulting in water damage.

Damage to the foundation of your home can compromise the integrity of your home, gradually weakening it. Therefore, consider calling professionals as soon as you notice signs of slab leak.

Wet floors and carpets
If you notice any damp spots developing on the floor in your home, they could be indicative of a slab leak. Make sure to check for damp areas on the carpet as some times that can be less visible.

A musty smell will develop over time in your home if the water has managed to seep through. If any guest has mentioned this peculiar smell, immediately call a plumber to inspect your home. Ignoring this sign will only lead to more plumbing problems.

Hear the sound of gushing water

If a pipe has broken beneath the foundation of your house, it’s likely to do more damage. If you hear the sound of gushing water in your home, it could be originating from underneath. Make sure all the faucets in your home are tightly closed and then try to hear the sound of gushing water. If you can still hear it, it’s definitely a broken pipe in the foundation, which requires immediate attention.

Slab leaks are a tricky plumbing problem that requires the expertise of experienced plumbers. Make sure you’re not trying to tackle the problem yourself. Get in touch with our team at Pro Serve Plumbing.We provide plumbing services like slab leak repair to residents in Fort Worth, TX. We also provide slab leak detection services to help our clients catch the problem in its early stage. Call us at 1-817-244-0614 to book an appointment, we provide services round the clock!

In light of what’s going on in the world right now, our plumbing service has come up with new protocols to ensure our clients and staff are as safe as possible. Extra care is being given to hygiene and sanitization, our staff wears protective gear like masks and gloves and disinfects before entering your home.