With a global health pandemic breaking records everywhere, homeowners are extra careful about keeping their homes clean. But a broken sewer line can be a nightmare, especially at a time when the COVID-19 outbreak has taken over the world. It’s a matter of utmost urgency to repair sewer lines but digging a trench and removing old pipes can take very long.

Trenchless sewer repairs have condensed the lengthy process and made it easier to get the job done. This is less of a hassle for homeowners and plumbers. It also restricts exposure to contaminants to a short time.

How Is Trenchless Sewer Repair Performed

Pipe lining and pipe bursting are two methods of performing this procedure. In the former method, a liner is installed within the damaged sewer pipe. Once inside, the pipe liner is pulled to cover the full length and then inflated. The liner is then cured to form a new pipe. This method only requires one hole to be dug for inserting the pipe liner.

In the latter method, the process is lengthier because two holes need to be drilled on both ends of the lateral sewer pipe. A new pipe is inserted through the old pipe and then the old one is burst outward. In either case, these methods make trenchless sewer repair far superior to the old plumbing ways.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

1.    High Quality

Manufactured using the latest technology, the materials used in trenchless sewer repair are of the highest quality. They’re resistant to corrosion and perform durably for years to come.

2.    Improved Sewer Function

With the diameter of sewer lines expanded, there’s greater flow capacity in the pipes. This improves sewer function because waste is transported through the lines seamlessly.

3.    Faster Process

With a pandemic going on, dealing with a major sewer line damage is the last thing you need. But trenchless sewer repair makes the process quick and efficient. This allows us to maintain safety standards while working and minimize the risk of catching the virus.

4.    Cleaner

At a time when safety precautions have become the only way to beat coronavirus, we deem sanitization as our top priority. Trenchless sewer repairs cause less waste because all we need to do is dug holes in the ground. This prevents pollutants from flooding your premises and curtails the health risks.


If your sewer lines have damaged, you can contact us for sewer replacement or trenchless sewer repair in Fort Worth. We can assure you that we practice proper health procedures while working, in order to protect the health of our clients and workers.

That said, our service will be time-efficient so you don’t have to violate rules of social distancing. Call us at 1-817-244-0614 for more information.