How To Prevent Grease Buildup In Your Kitchen Drain


The kitchen is the heart of your home, all the conversation and laughter that take place in it, and the place where you satisfy your appetite. However, several not appetizing items can find their way into your kitchen sink: globs of oil, fat, and grease being some of them. These items will eventually clog your kitchen sink, making water back up several times during the day.


Grease accumulation inside the kitchen drain is a significant and surprisingly common plumbing issue. But unclogging a grease-clogged drain isn’t an experience that most people willingly partake in.

Grease accumulation makes your kitchen—and subsequently, your home—messy, smelly and, unhygienic. Grease buildup is perhaps the most unnerving of all plumbing issues, which also makes it the hardest to resolve.

The following are some useful tips for preventing and managing grease buildup inside your kitchen drain:

Do Not Dispose of Grease down Your Drain

By disposing of grease down your kitchen drain, you’re adding fuel to the fire. There are several instances where grease makes its way to the drainpipe, and it doesn’t need you to expose it to jars of leftover oil and fats as well.

So how are you supposed to get rid of the grease on your plates, pots, and pans? Easy, let them dry first. Once the grease, fat, and oil have hardened, you can scrape them away and throw the blobs into the trashcan.

Install Grease Traps

Grease traps are an effective way to trap the grease that would otherwise accumulate deep in the drain. This device will help you capture oil and fat before they settle in your drain. Remember to clean them once every few weeks to prevent grease blockages.

mending the sink

Recycle Cooking Oils

Recycling cooking oils will not only delay kitchen drain clogs, but will also help you save money. All you have to do is filter and strain your cooking oil every time you use it—making full use of its actual usable life.

Use Absorption Material For Disposal

Instead of using cloths or towels to clean up oil and grease, you should use paper napkins or towels. When you use a cloth to wipe off fat, it gets transferred to your drain when you wash the cloth.

Get Your Kitchen Drain Cleaned

While you might be able to unclog your drain every once in a while, mild cleansers and amateur techniques will only lead to a more severe blockages over time. A professional drain cleaning service, on the other hand, will not only unclog your drain, but it will also get rid of all leftover grease, dirt, and debris.

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