Plumber Recommended Steps for Fixing a Leaky Faucet

If you’re tired of the hammering sound of water dripping down the faucet in your bathroom, it’s time that you get up and do some DIY magic. Leaking faucets aren’t just annoying because of their sound, but they can also significantly add to your monthly water bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average household in the United States can save up to $130 per annum by replacing old plumbing fixtures.

Households in the United States contribute to over 10 thousand gallons of water wastage in the form of leakages such as leaking faucets, running toilets and others. That’s a lot of money flushing down the drains!

If you wish to play a part in reducing water wastage, make sure none of the faucets in your home are leaking. And if they are, here are 4 easy-to-follow steps to fix them before the problem gets worse.

Step# 1:

Before you begin with the repairs, make sure you’ve closed the valve that supplies water to that particular faucet. If you can’t locate that valve, shut down the main water supply of your home.

Step# 2:

Take off any accessories from the knobs of your faucet using a screw driver. When the knobs have been removed, you’ll find a screw underneath each knob. Remove these screws using a flat-head screw driver. In old faucets, the knobs may get stuck on the screws. You can use oil to lubricate the knobs in such a case to save your efforts.

Step# 3:

Loose the packing nut using the wrench and then remove the stem. Make sure you don’t mangle the stem with wrench while removing the packing nut.

Step# 4:

If everything looks fine, check the O-ring of the faucet and the valve seat for any signs of leak. If they were causing the washer or the O-ring was causing the leakage, replace them with new ones.

Here, you need to make sure that these parts are a perfect match for the seat. Some seats may require a cone-shaped washer while others may require a flat washer. For an O-ring, you’ll have to get the size verified by a local hardware shop.

Step# 5:

When the parts have been assembled, put every other back in place from the O-ring to the knob accessories. Be attentive of the proper sequence.

Step# 6:

Turn on the main water supply and gently turn on the handle to see if there’s any leakage.

If you’ve fixed it, give yourself a treat for the accomplishment. Though these steps are easy, they can be tricky for homeowners who haven’t repaired any faucets before. And you can never have a guarantee for your DIY repair. To save yourself the time, efforts, and possible trouble; it’s better to seek help from professional plumbers.

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