Common Water Line Problems That Require Immediate Repair or Replacement

The fresh water line in your home serves as a lifeline for you and your family. It’s horrible to even imagine waking up one day to no water supply at all. It won’t just add to the costs of drinking water that you will now have to purchase, but it will also sabotage your daily routine activities. You need a good water supply for everything; cooking food, watering the plants, cleaning your toilet, washing your dishes—literally, everything.

Freshwater lines are highly durable; however, they are still subjected to wear overtime that can lead to several problems.

To prevent getting into a bigger mess, here’s a list of the most commonly recurring water line problems.

If Your Pipe Bursts

A burst pipe is probably the biggest plumbing issue that you can face as a homeowner. It can damage your property, furniture, flooring, carpets, and other valuables the water line is replaced on time. The only best plan-of-action for a pipe burst situation is to call an emergency plumbing service before the water damage gets worse.

If Your Pipe Leaks

Water lines are susceptible to leaks because they can corrode over time and their joints can loosen due to constant water pressure in the pipes. Leakages are more dangerous than pipe bursts, because minor leaks are often difficult to spot. They can seep through the walls and lead to mold growth that can affect the health of residents and structural integrity of your property.

However, low pressure in the faucets and showers is a telltale sign of a potential water line leakage. If you suspect a leak, it’s viable to call a professional plumber for water leak detection service in Fort Worth. They will get to the root cause of the problem and fix it immediately, to avoid more damage.

If You Hear Noises From Your Freshwater Pipes

Water lines often make noises because of the flowing water, but they are always subtle. If you hear loud banging or rattling noises from your pipes they could be indicative of trapped air. Air in the pipes can further lead to disruption of water flow and sputtering facets. You can deal with this problem easily by draining out all the water in the pipes after turning off the main water supply. Switch on the water supply after all the water has been drained out and listen to the noises carefully. If they are still there, it’s time for the professionals to take over.

If you suspect a water line has any of these problems, get in touch with Pro Serve Plumbing. We offer trustworthy and guaranteed water line repair services in Fort Worth, as well a range of other plumbing services. Don’t delay important plumbing repairs; call us today at +1-817-244-0614 for to schedule an appointment!